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Against Super PACs Essay - 1606 Words

The next presidential election will be one like no one has ever seen before in terms of campaign funding and expenses. Even now, the GOP Presidential Primary races are already showing signs of how money will not be an object for their presidential candidate. The seemingly limitless budget exists for these candidates thanks to the so-called Super PACs (Political Action Committees). These Super PACs are allowed to come up with independent financing for the presidential campaign, sans any budgetary ceilings. The inner workings of such a committee has left a bad taste in the mouths of the voters even though very little is known about the actual history and reasons for the existence of the Super PACS. This paper will delve into the committees†¦show more content†¦That is one reason why the public has come to reject the idea of the Super PACs. It has the turned the political campaign into a shallow, reality television, mud-slinging type of contest from which the candidates can nev er return. The ads being run in the newspapers, television, and radio stations cost these candidates and Super PACs money that could have been used for better political means such as contributions to charitable organizations by the candidates or their support groups on their behalf. That sort of act would have had a greater political impact upon the voting public than an ad campaign explaining the ills of Newt Gingrich. Even more sickening, is the fact that most of the candidates will feign knowledge of participation in any negative campaign movements because of the independent nature of the Super PACs. The candidate can deny any involvement in the act all the while coordinating with his Super PAC under the radar of mass media. These negative campaigns leave the candidate free and clear of any involvement as all the Super PAC has to do is run the ad with a clear disclaimer absolving the candidate the ad supports of any wrong doing because the ad was not sanctioned by the candidate o r political party. In other words, Super PACs gives a voice to people with money. All corporations that have money to give, are giving millions and millions of dollars to the candidates across the board. Independent voters dont have that money to donate, so theirShow MoreRelatedSuper Pacs : The New Kind Of Committee That Operates Politically945 Words   |  4 PagesBrianna Goodman Proliferated in 2010, Super PACs have played an immensely influential role in the outcomes of elections and collective action. Super PACs are a new kind of committee that operates politically. As reported by, Super PACs acquire any amount of donated money in a phenomenon that aggregates towards a fund â€Å"to advocate for or against political candidates and must report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or quarterly basis†. They are not allowedRead MoreThe Super Pac940 Words   |  4 Pagesfactors such as money, power, and connections that are questioned and accessed within these groups. PACS or Political Action Committees are involved. Yet, there is another form of PACs that are named â€Å"Super PACS† where unlimited funds are raised (We the People). The â€Å"Super Pac† strategy should be outlawed by the government so it will not abuse its devoted followers. The textbook, We the People defines a PAC as â€Å"private groups with that raise and distribute funds for use election campaigns† (pg. 245).Read MoreIs Voting The Only Way An Average American Can Vote Or Influence A Any Party?927 Words   |  4 Pagesshaped by Super PACS and Interest groups, and we see this all the time in the elections happening. A Super PAC is a political committee that is organized to raise money to support their candidate so they can pull ahead in the polls, and spend money to oppose the other candidates. An interest group supports a certain side on a topic and a candidate for a position in government would find it beneficial to appeal to interest groups in order to gain supporters. Interest groups and Super PACs has changedRead MoreThe United Vs Federal Election Commission1235 Words   |  5 Pagesas â€Å"Super PACs.† Super PACs are organizations that operate independently from any candidate or political party. These organizations are allowed t o receive any amount of money from any person or organization, which they can they allot towards their own support of a political candidate. A good example of this would be Mitt Romney’s Super PAC entitled â€Å"Restore America,† which spent over twelve million dollars launching an ad campaign that attacked Newt Gingrich (MacMillen). These new Super PACs haveRead MoreGlobal Economy And The American Dream1286 Words   |  6 Pagespolitics it’s easy to see today, that world politics are in turmoil. Oil prices have sunk to record lows, putting regions in the Middle East, Russia, and South America in economic crisis. On top of that the whole global economy is in a recession; pushing super powers such as the United States, China, and the European union to take action. All across the world the wealth gap is widening. It seems like for every new billionaire there are another million people in poverty dying of disease. Our one saving graveRead MoreThe Daily Show On The Congressional Record1258 Words   |  6 Pageshealth and financial aid to ill 9/11 workers, which was known as the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act. However, the bill did not pass because Democrats were incapable to break a Republican filibuster against the bill. The vote was 57 in favor of closing the debate and 42 against, but 60 votes were needed for the bill to go to an up-or-down vote. Republican Congressmen were concerned about the $7.4 billion bill cost, and the way the money would be spent. John Feal was one of the firstRead MoreJudges Should Be Appointed For Preserve Judicial Independence1121 Words   |  5 Pagesshould have the right to choose who is best for them. An election by the people sounds like a fair and trustworthy method, but ultimately, large corporations pump millions into Super PACs to ensure their choice candidate is elected. Judicial elections are often exposed to attacks from special interest groups and Super PACs, thus sometimes making an uneven and corrupt playing field. The fates of fair and impartial courts are at stake, and they should not be for sale. The scary concept that courtsRead MoreThe Debate Of Corruption Versus Free Speech1594 Words   |  7 PagesOver time unions and corporations would evolve their tactics in financing campaigns by creating political action committees (PACs). These PACs were basically cooperation entities that developed separately but were funded by the corporation and employees of the corporation, in order to influence the outcome of elections. Throughout the second half of the twentieth century, PACs had a lot of power in influencing voters, and swaying elections (Hughes 1:25-3:10). In the early 1970’s the federal governmentRead MoreThe Court s View Of The Election Process767 Words   |  4 Pagesno evidence supports the idea that candidates bend to contributors’ pressure. However, as this law sets deeper in our jurisprudence and Super PACs feel more comfortable supporting candidates, some people might start suspecting that candidates are bending to donors’ pressure. This suspicion could arise simply from knowing the millions of dollars that Super PACs spend supporting candidates. The average person only has a limited amount of hard earned money to spend on goods and services. They onlyRead MoreMoney Politics : Finding A Fair Approach For Campaigns1319 Words   |  6 PagesNot only are these commercials annoying and help to create a negative connotation for the campaigning time, but give the people a false interpretation of different candidates. Most of these are not paid for by the prospective candidates but rather Super PACs that support the candidate â€Å"without other motives.† With the growing partisan between â€Å"ordinary† people and politicians it is of the upmost importance that everyone is fairly represented. But with the ever growing social, political, and financial

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Breast Cancer Essay - 742 Words

Breast Cancer The thought of having breast cancer is frightening to every woman, and devastating to some. However, ignoring the possibility that you may get breast cancer, or avoiding the things you should do to detect and avoid cancer, can be even more dangerous. Breast cancer is a devastating disease that may affect one out of nine women in the United States. This year alone, a patient will be diagnosed every three minutes and a woman will die from breast cancer every thirteen minutes. Unfortunately, there is still little known about the disease’s cause or cure. Currently the only means of increasing a breast cancer victim’s chance of survival is early detection by annual breast exams and education about the disease. A†¦show more content†¦Of the cases of breast cancer diagnosed every year, 70% of the patients have none of the risk factors. It is important to understand what are the real risk factors and how they affect the chances of developing breast cancer. Some of the main risk factors that women should be aware of include: family history of breast cancer, increased age, and any previous diagnosis of other breast or ovarian cancers. While a woman’s family history and genetic makeup cannot be controlled, there are certain risk factors that can be modified in an attempt to reduce the risk of developing breast cancer. Many experts believe woman could prevent a lot of breast cancers with lifestyle changes. One of those factors includes being overweight. Numerous studies have linked an increase weight and height with a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. After a woman goes through menopause, being overweight can increase a woman’s risk by about twenty to thirty percent. Excess body weight and extra fat increase the production of estrogen outside the ovaries and contributes to the overall level of estrogen in the body. Therefore, making healthy lifestyle choices can be good for a woman at any time in her life. Weight control also ties in with the amount of physical activity a woman has in her daily life. Exercise may lower a woman’s lifetime risk of acquiring the disease. Doctors believe that activity reducesShow MoreRelatedBreast Cancer And Cancer Prevention2347 Words   |  10 Pages INTRODUCTION Statistics indicate that breast cancer-related complications are among the top causes of death among women for over 23% of all women’s deaths in the world (Donepudi et al., 2014). The great cases of breast cancer are attributed to lack of information on and hard data on the disease, especially on early diagnosis and treatment options. In America, breast cancer is among the top causes of cancer-related deaths, and the mortality rate is relatively high as compared to the neighboring countriesRead MoreThe For Breast Cancer Action1612 Words   |  7 Pagesintention to give some part of the profit towards breast cancer causes. Ironically, the money made from this marketing will often not significantly benefit somebody with breast cancer. The pink ribbon was originally created by the Susan G Komen foundation yet anybody can use this symbol, because there is no intellectual copyright on it. Pinkwashing is term was first coined by the organization called breast cancer action, whose m ission is to â€Å"Breast Cancer Action’s mission is to achieve health justiceRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer Essay1433 Words   |  6 PagesBreast cancer is a carcinoma that develops due to malignant cells in the breast tissue. Cancerous cells are more likely to produce in the milk-producing ducts and the glands, ductal carcinoma, but in rare cases, breast cancer can develop in the stromal, fatty, tissues or surrounding lymph nodes, especially in the underarm (Breast Cancer). For women, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the 2nd leading cause of cancer death – behind skin cancer. While treatment or surgeries canRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1346 Words   |  6 Pagesinternational symbol for breast cancer support and awareness. Breast cancer knows neither racial boundaries nor age restrictions. Females of all ages and ethnicities can develop breast cancer and it is the leading most common cancer among women. Calling at tention to this often fatal disease is important by supporting its victims, families and friends of victims, as well as raising funds for breast cancer research. Though males are not immune from developing a breast cancer, for the purposes of thisRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer946 Words   |  4 PagesSkylar Steinman Period 6 Ms. Jobsz 12 February , 2016 Breast Cancer It is commonly known that Breast Cancer is one of the most insidious diseases that mankind has had to deal with. With the discovery of the BRCA1( BReast Cancer gene one) and BRCA2 (BReast Cancer gene two) genes, breast cancer can be detected with a great amount of certainty on a genetic level in some women and men. 40,000 women and men die of breast cancer each year. Knowing this it is very important to try to detect the mutationRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1530 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Cancer† is the name for a group of diseases that start in the body at the cellular level. Even though there are many different kinds of cancer, they all begin with abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. These abnormal cells lump together to form a mass of tissue or â€Å"malignant tumor†. Malignant means that it can spread to other parts of the body or Metastasize . If the breast is the original location of the cancer gr owth or malignant tumor, the tumorRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer Essay1741 Words   |  7 Pages Internationally, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer related death amongst women. (CITE) Each year an estimated 1.7 million new cases are diagnosed worldwide, and more than 500,000 women will die of the disease. (CITE) According to (CITE), somewhere in the world one woman is diagnosed with breast cancer every 19 seconds and more than three women die of breast cancer every five minutes worldwide. (CITE) Breast cancer is a heterogeneous condition thatRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1372 Words   |  6 PagesBreast Cancer Disease Overview Breast cancer is a disease in which certain cells in the breast become abnormal and multiply uncontrollably to form a tumor. Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in women. (Only skin cancer is more common.) About one in eight women in the United States will develop invasive breast cancer in her lifetime. Researchers estimate that more than 230,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be diagnosed in U.S. women in 2015. Cancers occur when aRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1471 Words   |  6 PagesBreast cancer Introduction to Breast cancer Breast cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer only surpassed by lung cancer. It involves a cancerous tumour located inside the breast but spreads if treatment is not administered. (Evert et al 2011) Breast cancer can be treated if diagnosed in its early stages but becomes progressively more difficult upon reaching more advancing malignant stages. Breast cancer can be confused with being a female only disease however both sexes suffer. AccordingRead MoreBreast Cancer : Cancer And Cancer1921 Words   |  8 PagesIntroduction Cancer is a term that every individual on this planet wants to avoid hearing when they go to their yearly check up at the doctors. However, as person ages, they are prone to develop some sort of sickness and most of the time, they could develop cancer of some sort. For this research paper, I am going to go over breast cancer. Breast cancer is a well-known type of cancer with awareness events going on to support both women and men who has breast cancer. According to American Cancer Society

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Memorials Free Essays

The Supreme Court may, in its discretion, grant special leave to appeal from any Judgment, decree, determination, sentence, or order in any cause or matter passed or made by any court or tribunal . Art 136 confers a discretionary power on the Supreme Court to interfere in suitable ceases, such as, a breach of natural Justice by the order appealed against or in exceptional ceases. The Supreme Court will intervene in if there has been a resultant failure of Justices or violation of principles of natural Justices or without a proper appreciation of material on record or the submissions made, interference under Art. We will write a custom essay sample on Memorials or any similar topic only for you Order Now 6 is warranted. The Supreme Court grant leave to appeal in criminal matters when exceptional and special circumstances exist, substantial and grave injustice has been done, and the case in question presents features of sufficient gravity to warrant a review of the decision appealed against or there has been a departure from legal procedure such as vitiates the whole trial, or if the findings of fact were such as were shocking to the judicial conscience of the Court. It would interfere where High Court’s order results in gross miscarriage of Justice’s. That special leave petition against interim order maintainable. The Supreme Court exercise its Jurisdiction under Art. 136 of the Constitution in respect of an interlocutory/interim order in especial circumstances to prevent manifest injustice or abuse of process of the Court 1 or where it is unsustainable on the face of it or where the interim order passed by the Division Bench of the High Court, on facts, is perverse in nature’s or unreasonable. Where the interim order was not made in equity, interference by the Supreme Court was called forl.That the reasons for the decision must be given. A decision affecting the right of people without assigning any reason cannot be accepted as a procedure which is fair, Just and reasonable and hence violated of ‘reasons’ may also be implied in the principles of ‘natural Justice’17. Absence of reasoning is impermissible in Judicial pronouncement’s. It is the reasoning alone, that can enable a higher or an appellate court to appreciate the controversy in issue in its correct perspective and to hold whether the reasoning recorded by the Court whose order is impugned, is sustainable in law and whether it has adopted the correct legal approach. To sub-serve the purpose of Justice delivery system, therefore, it is essential that the Courts should record reasons for its conclusions, whether disposing of the case at admission stage or after regular hearing proper reasoning is the foundation of a Just and fair decision. Failure to give reasons amounts to denial of Justice’s. When the reason of a law once ceases, the law itself generally ceases. That order passed in violation of natural Justice is void. The breaches of rules of natural Justice must have the effect of producing void decisions. Any action in violation of principles of natural Justice is a nullity and is altar-fires and hence suffers from Jurisdictional error. Thus, an order which infringes an fundamental freedom passed in violation of audit alters parted is a nullity. That decision of sub-ordinate court is in violation of Doctrine of Proportionality. The punishment imposed has to be reasonable because of the constraints of Art. 14. This means that if the punishment imposed is unreasonable, Art. 14 is infringed. The court can thus decide upon the proportionality of the punishment when it is strikingly disproportionate. The penalty imposed must be commensurate with the gravity of he misconduct, and that any penalty disproportionate to the gravity of the misconduct would be violated of Art. 14 of the Constitution. The freedom of speech is regarded as â€Å"a species of which freedom of expression is a genus†29 That a company can challenge the violation of its Fundamental Rights under Article 19 of the Constitution of India. The Supreme Court has stated that the law with regard to a company challenging the violation of its Fundamental Rights under Article 19 is in a â€Å"nebulous state†. The Court has gone on to say: â€Å"Thus apart from the law fundamental freedoms guaranteed by Art. 9, the rights of a shareholder and the company which the shareholders have formed are rather co-extensive and the denial to one of the fundamental freedom would be denial to the other. That intention is necessary for the offence of defamation under Section 499 of Indian Penal Code. In order to attract the offence of defamation under Section 499 of I. P. C. Mess area is required I. E. The publication must be made with intention to harm the reputation of a person against whom it was directed. The accused must have made the imputation with the intention of harming or with the knowledge that it will harm the reputation of the person defamed. Therefore, the intention to cause harm is the most essential â€Å"sine qua non† of an offence under Section 49934. That a company cannot be held criminally liable for the offence of defamation. In view of Section 3(42), General Clauses Act, 1897 a company or association or body of individuals answers the definition of person. So, prima facie a company may be prosecuted for demotion. But, to invoke Section 499, the defamatory publication must be associated by delinquent’s intention to cause harm. But company cannot be said to have the Mess area of forming an intention to cause harm because a company, a rustic entity cannot have any mind. If there is anything in the definition or context of a particular section in the statute which will prevent the application of the section to a limited company, certainly a limited company cannot be proceeded against. Then again a limited company cannot generally be tried when Mess area is essentially. The company is a legal entity which can be prosecuted if it is guilty of acts which make it punishable under the particular Criminal Statuette. So a company cannot be held to have committed an offence under Section 500, l. P. CO. That decision must be given after viewing publication as a whole. Publication must be Judged as a whole. The impact and effect of the imputations, if any, had to be considered in the background of the entire facts and circumstances stated therein. The bane and the antidote ought to have been considered together. If in one part of the publication there is something disreputable but it is removed by the other parts and the conclusions, then the disreputable part alone cannot be taken out in the process of picking and choosing in order to venture a prosecution for defamation. How to cite Memorials, Papers

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Reflective Portfolio-Taxation

Question: Describe about the Taxation? Answer: When I attended the first class on Taxation, the topic was about Family Trusts and right from the beginning I got the concept wrong. I was thinking on the lines of trust among family members as I had no idea about the topic. It was all confusing. I had not studied my course notes and found most of concepts which the lecturer taught in the class were beyond my knowledge. Although I expected difficulties in the taxation classes as I had little interest in tax matters, I had not anticipated that my skill in dealing with numbers could be so useful in this course. From here onwards, I started taking-up the challenge, especially because I had confidence in my strong analytical and numerical skills, as explained by Barkoczy, (2015). From that moment, I decided to pay more attention to the lectures and keeping my apprehensions aside, take the help of two of my colleagues whom I found to be quite proficient in the subject. However, I soon found that paying attention to the lectures and seeking help from colleagues was of little help. I had to be prepared well before attending the lecture. So I started reading the course notes before attending the class. Soon I started reaping the benefits of my strategy as I could clear my doubts with the lecturer whenever I had difficulty in understanding a complex problem, assert Alexander Fogarty, (2009). My numerical skills were now the foundation of the theoretical parts of the taxation matters which I started understanding more efficiently. This confidence helped me to understand some of the core concepts and soon my misconception about Family Trusts was resolved. In fact, I started taking keen interest in this branch of taxation as I realised that if I took it seriously it could become my specialisation when I start my professional practice as a Tax Practitioner. I also realised that more I indulged in solving the problems put to us by the lecturer the more it sharpened my focus and this not only generated a clarity with regard to the application of the concepts involved, it also changed the perception of my lecturer towards me, as per Renton, (2012). This further boosted my confidence as I realised that I could get more help from my lecturer in shaping my career. He had experience and knowledge but I had enthusiasm and commitment. If our enthusiasm about what we are taught leads us towards the successful application of the teachings, it is our commitment which teaches us to resolve the complex practical problems, asserts Renton, (2012). I intend to take this ideology with me in my professional practice and my lecturer too encouraged me of keeping my focus on getting my training while I am learning instead of learning while I am training, as suggested by Barkoczy, (2015). This recommendation shall help me to cope with case studies and ensure a better clarity of concepts through practical application of the theory. My advice to other learners, who face the same predicament as I faced, is to concentrate on the fundamentals of the subject they are learning as such an action shall reduce their timeline of the learning process, explains Barkoczy, (2015). List of References Alexander, Dr. R. and Fogarty, H. J. 2009. Australian Master Family Law Guide, 3rd ed. CCH Australia Limited, Sydney, NSW. Barkoczy, S. 2015. Australian Tax Case book, 12th ed. CCH Australia Limited, North Ryde, NSW. Renton, N. E. 2012. Family Trusts: A Plain English Guide for Australian Families of Average Means, 4th ed. John Wiley Sons, Milton, QLD.

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Galileo Essay Research Paper Galileo Galileo was free essay sample

Galileo Essay, Research Paper Galileo Galileo was a innovator of modern natural philosophies and telescopic uranology who was born on February 15, 1564 near Pisa, Italy. As an Italian physicist and uranologist, he was the first to utilize the telescope to detect many undiscovered kingdoms of infinite. His finds of maculas, lunar mountains and vales, and the orbiters of Jupiter formed the footing of modern uranology. His finds opened a gateway into the undiscovered countries of the existence. Galileo # 8217 ; s instruction began in Vallambrosa where monastics taught him, but the takeoff point of his calling was when he registered at the University of Pisa at the age of 17. He learned of the surveies of Aristotle and studied his Hagiographas on logic, gesture, and the construction of the existence. Over the old ages Galileo criticized and refuted many of Aristotle # 8217 ; s positions. He became one of the most grim advocators against of Aristotle # 8217 ; s philosophies. We will write a custom essay sample on Galileo Essay Research Paper Galileo Galileo was or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Galileo # 8217 ; s surveies began in the Cathedral of Pisa one twenty-four hours as Galileo was watching a lamp that was singing from the ceiling. He observed a beat in the swings of the lamp and noticed that the lamp ever took the same clip to travel from one terminal of its swing to the other. His end was to happen out whether or non all of the swings took the same sum of clip. He and a friend both made pendulums and decided to number the figure of oscillations that the pendulums made in a given sum of clip. They found that both pendulums made the same figure of oscillations at the same clip. Therefore he discovered the jurisprudence of isochronism, or equality of clip, of oscillations. By 1586, Galileo left the University of Pisa and went back to his household in Florence. In Florence, Galileo applied himself to geometry and from the survey of Euclid he shortly passed to that of other ancient mathematicians, particularly Archimedes. Galileo found in Archimedes a instructor for whom he learned the power and the broad rational scope of mathematical logical thinking. Galileo surveies produced two books that he wrote during this period. One, in Latin contains the theorems to find the centre of gravitation of solid organic structures, made him cognize among mathematicians of his clip. The other book, called the Little Balance, was written in Italian. In this book he told how he read the narrative of Archimedes and the surveies of organic structures immersed in H2O. In the autumn of that twelvemonth Galileo moved to Pisa where he studied while he continued to learn at the university, in this period he resumed his survey of gesture and wrote a short book in Latin know as De Motu ( On Motion ) . In De Motu, Galileo tried to confute some of Aristotle # 8217 ; s chief positions about gesture. One of his expostulations was the averment that gesture, in the absence of the direct action of a force, is maintained by the medium in which it takes topographic point. De Motu represents Galileo # 8217 ; s first measure in his systematic survey of gesture and is a cardinal point of mention in Galileo # 8217 ; s rational development. It shows that Galileo had already started the deep procedure of original thought and critical alteration of Aristotle # 8217 ; s rules that lasted throughout his life. At about this clip Galileo tried to confute one peculiar statement of Aristotle # 8217 ; s. Aristotle said that when organic structures of the same stuff but of different weights autumn freely, they fall with velocities relative to their weights. To turn out that igniter and heavier objects fall at the same velocity, Galileo climbed to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa while the full organic structure of pupils gathered in the square below to watch the presentation. From the top of the tower, Galileo let travel two objects of the same substance but of different weights at precisely the same clip. They reached the land at precisely the same clip. This narrative may or may non be true, but was besides proved by the Dutch mathematician Simon Stevinus. At the age of 28, Galileo moved to Padua. These old ages were said to be the best 18 old ages of his life. Galileo made friends among the Lords and the rich Venetians. One of his most of import friends, Giovanni Francesco Sagredo, used his place to better Galileo # 8217 ; s position as a scientist at the University. Following Sagredo # 8217 ; s decease, Galileo # 8217 ; s friend lived on as a character in two of his best books, Dialogue of the Two Greatest Systems of the World and Two New Sciences. Galileo became a professor at the University of Padua and began to learn big Numberss of pupils. During these old ages Galileo wrote many of his greatest books, including Fortifications, Military Constructions, and Mechanics. The last and most of import was a true technology text edition that described the action of simple machines such as the lever, block, prison guard, and inclined plane. He besides dealt with jobs of falling organic structures that he took up once more in ulterior ol d ages. In 1597, Galileo built an instrument that illustrates both his competency in mathematical computation and his great workmanship. This device was known as the geometric and military compass. It was a combination of a splitter and slide regulation. It helped to work out a big figure of mathematical and geometric jobs, including the extraction of square and three-dimensional roots. Because the terminal of the 16th century was a period of struggle, Galileo stressed military utilizations of this instrument. For case, the compass was used to find dealingss of weight and size of cannon balls, to modulate the forepart and side formations of ground forcess, and to mensurate the disposition of a wall. Galileo sold so many that he could non bring forth adequate to suit the demand. The compass subsequently became one of the most utile and widely used innovations. On October 9, 1604, a new star appeared in the sky. This new star emerging aroused Galileo # 8217 ; s scientific wonder and initiated his calling as a lotus-eater. Shortly after the star appeared, Galileo began to do systematic observations He began to mensurate its tallness in the sky and began to look into whether its place in regard to other stars varied from dark to dark. After holding observed it for several hebdomads, he gave three public lectures to depict his findings and drew big crowds. A really of import innovation emerged in 1609. In the early summer he was in Venice when he heard that a certain Fleming had constructed an monocle by which distant objects were seen nearby. Galileo went back to Padua at one time to believe of how he could construct a similar instrument. He concluded that the consequence could be achieved by the combination of a convex and concave glass. Galileo mounted the two lenses at the terminals of a lead tubing, and his first telescope came into bein g. At one time he realized the great importance of his instrument, both in scientific discipline and in practical life. He realized it might modify the art of war because it would allow sighting of the enemy at much greater distance that usual. Galileo must hold shown the instrument to his friends or talked about it, for shortly the rumour spread that he had invented it. In a missive to his brother in jurisprudence Galileo stated: # 8220 ; And intelligence holding reached Venice # 8230 ; I was called by the Most Serene Signory six yearss ago, to whom it was my responsibility to demo it every bit good as to the whole Senate, to the intense amazement of all. # 8221 ; Galileo so showed his telescope and it so astonished all. Once more Galileo showed his workmanship. The first telescope he built had a magnification of three diameters ; the 2nd eight diameters and eventually he built one magnifying 33 diameters. His telescope was a sheet of metal, covered by ruby sateen, of about the length of 24 inches and the diameter of about one and three one-fourth inches in diameter, with two spectacless, one at each terminal. He increased the size of his lenses, halting at the point where a farther addition would ensue in the deformation of images. No instrument but the telescope could give Galileo the feeling of how much the power of the senses could be enlarged. For the first clip he could see distant things every bit good as if they were close by and detect the being of objects that up till so had been excessively far off to be seeable. Many new things in infinite appeared to him. Galileo shortly discovered four little planets go arounding around the planet Jupiter, as the Moon revolves around the Earth. He named Jupiter # 8217 ; s satellites the Medicean Satellites and this remained his favourite astronomical find. Less than a month subsequently Galileo announced another item noticed by him. He described the stages of Venus. He said that he began to detect Venus with his instrument and saw it was turning in size daily, maintaining its rotundity until it finally arrived a great distance from the Sun and started to lose its rotundity on its eastern side. A few yearss subsequently, it diminished to a half circle. Then it transformed into a horned form and it became thinner until it vanished. Copernicus had been disappointed non to see the stages of Venus. The fact is that the stages of Venus are undetectable with the bare oculus. During all of these old ages, the Inquisition had been detecting Galileo. The Inquisition was the high court of the Roman Church. During the Counter Reformation, the Inquisition played a really of import function. Working in secretiveness, it spotted, investigated, and prosecuted those suspected of unorthodoxy, seeking to stamp down it before it could distribute. It exerted censoring to avoid the deformation of the Catholic philosophy, and issued the Index of Prohibited Books. To be tried by the Inquisition was something no 1 could take lightly. Galileo kept speaking in favour of the Copernican philosophy, and while he busied himself with this, the Inquisition went on analyzing his instance. On February 23 a group of 11 theologists was convened to analyze his beliefs in scientific discipline, or at least what the Inquisition said were his beliefs. The Sun is the centre of the universe and the Earth is non the centre of the universe, or immoveable, but moves harmonizing to the whole itself and besides with diurnal gesture. Neither of these was quoted from his Hagiographas. On the Pope # 8217 ; s direction, Cardinal Bellarmine called Galileo to his castle and told Galileo that he was non to keep, learn, or support the condemned sentiment of Copernicus. A few yearss subsequently De Revolutionibus, which the Pope had accepted, was condemned and prohibited until it is corrected. In the concluding old ages Galileo completed his book Two New Sciences. Galileo # 8217 ; s eyes had bothered him for many old ages. He had been kicking of oculus hurting because of long hours of analyzing. He lost sight in his right oculus foremost, so the left. During the last four old ages of his life he was wholly unsighted. In November 1641 a slow febrility seized Galileo and his creaky strivings had become more. This was his last unwellness. He died on January 8, 1642 at about 78 old ages of age.

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PlainSong Essay Essays

PlainSong Essay Essays PlainSong Essay Essay PlainSong Essay Essay People are born into situations that are not always ideal for growing up, and that is often related to said person following in the steps of a poorly guided life. These situations are not excuses for following that path because though the situation might be very bad the individual still can make their own choices and decisions, and can change the way they live life. It is harder to make hanged, and be different than those around you, but it is entirely possible. Even without direct guidance or proper role models people still know right from wrong and can observe the people around them seeing how to act and how not to act. Following the path Of change and being an individual is not easy but on that path whether you have no parental guidance, or role models, or even if you have the perfect life, it is still your choice to act right or wrongly. If that path is taken correctly and the experiences are looked at with a positive mindset, things are essential to a successful life. The shift in parental roles in Plainsong impacted the children positively due to the positive developments in their characters by portraying commitment, work ethic, intestinal fortitude, and the ability to determine right from wrong. Without the classic family structure, whether it is just Mom, or no parents at all, people often associate that with a set up for failure in the childs future, but this is not the case, and children of non-classic family structures still lead successful lives. The McPherson brothers did not have parents growing up but instead of going on to live a negative life people wouldve expected they run and operate a successful farm. They chose to work hard, and make the best of their situation instead of allowing that lack of guidance to drag them down. Not only do they work hard and run a successful farm but they are very generous and caring individuals. They are very charitable, they gave Eke and Bobby ten dollars for working a day at the farm. When Maggie Jones came to talk to them about Victoria living with them, they were ready to hand over money to help make her life easier. Even without a normal upbringing the McPherson brothers are still hardworking caring, generous people who are productive members to society. Victoria has a mom, but her mother has a lot of problems and does not offer guidance or advice, nor does she present herself as a proper role model for Victoria. When Victoria needed her the most in her life she kicked her out. Even though Victoria din t have a good parental upbringing she I still a committed, hardworking individual. She is faced with extremely hard and difficult problems at a young age and without a proper support system. Even though her situation is hard she still chooses o continue moving forward, working at the diner, going to school and not letting others get to her. She couldve succumbed to the situation and gotten rid of the baby but she stayed committed to her situation and isnt faltering even though it would be the easier thing to do. Even without parents or a normal family structure, the individuals still have the choice to live a positive life even though it may be the harder option people born into a classic family stricture still lead to live lives that arent normal, or what they grew up with. Ms. Stern grew up with a family and experienced a normal life style. Even though she did grow up that way, she now lives all alone, in a gross, cheap, dirty apartment. She is extremely sick and formed very bad habits with smoking. She is very lonely and craves any human interaction that she can get. When Eke and Bobby went to drop off the paper she made them sit down and talk like she always does, trying get enough interaction to hold herself until the next visit. Even without family problems. You can still grow up to make bed choices and end up living a life that is not exactly health or productive. Without that shift in parental roles, she mightnt never developed DOD work ethic, and a sense of responsibility for herself. Eke and Bobby doesnt live in a classic family structure they have to work and are rally left alone to make choices for themselves without parental guidance and so far they still lead a productive life. They are mature for their age and they are gaining good experience by working and communicating with people older than them daily. It teaches them many things about how life works in the future. Eke and Bobby also took it upon themselves to visit there mother and make sure she was okay. They checked on her and took care of her showing hat they are mature and have a sound moral system. The outcome of an individuals life is purely based off the choices the McPherson makes, and how committed they are to bettering or progressing their lives, or choosing not to progress at all. When kids are given more roles and responsibility to fill in their lives at all times whether authority figures are present or not. When Eke and Bobby and there friend went to visit the house where they witnessed the situation with the girl and the two guys having sex, they knew that it was someone elses property and knew not to touch anything. They conducted homeless in a respectful manner and were being very mature about the situation, the kid they brought with them was acting very immature, moving things around and even ended up stealing something from the house. When the old man came in, Eke and Bobby were very apologetic, but the other kid was talking back and being very disrespectful. Every person has a moral code, and knows what is right but some people choose to ignore that and do whatever they want, that is up to the individual, and does not really pertain to the roles or lack of in the family structure. It doesnt matter about how any years in life but the life in those years No matter what situation you are in, you can always choose to make the best of it. Instead of allowing the people and circumstances to drag you down, you can learn from them and see what not to do and by doing that you can make yourself a better person. Instead of digressing or staying stagnant you can progress and become a more productive member of society. People whether they are in the most perfect situation, or the worst possible situation, people are going to turn it into a good thing or a bad thing and that is totally based off what the that pacific individual chooses to do. Children assuming parental roles wont rob them of a childhood but instead facilitate an easier progression through life. They can still do things children do and have those experiences but with the shift in parental roles it adds more responsibility and by doing that adds more maturity. The shift in parental roles in Plainsong impacted the children positively due to the positive developments in their characters by portraying commitment, work ethic, intestinal fortitude, and the ability to determine right from wrong.

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Concrete is a very common construction material. In Concrete Design, Essay

Concrete is a very common construction material. In Concrete Design, you learn the positives and negatives using concrete during construction - Essay Example Such use of concrete only serves to cater for the short and medium term needs and in some cases the long term solutions like the Los Angeles River Revitalization Project (Anthony, 2014). However, due to a change in time, tastes, functionality and the development of green initiatives in structures and building spaces, most of the built environment may require retrofitting. Concrete main advantage in construction is its ability to last the entire life cycle of a structure. It does not corrode easily and gains strength over time. However, the difficulty in retrofitting of concrete structures is the primary disadvantage of the use of concrete. Retrofitting of concrete structures is expensive, results in a lot of construction waste, and requires specialized equipment like the jackhammers(Anthony, 2014). Therefore, in order to make a concrete structure easier to retrofit the conceptualization, planning and design stage of the structures have to be clearly well thought out. This means the developers and the architects have to consider both the short and long-term uses of the structures. In addition, alternatives can be found in parts of structures that do not require concrete. For example, columns, pillars, beams require the use of concrete, on the other hand, wood or steel can be used for partitioning and floors. Flint, A. (2014, November 18). Ushering in an Era of Concrete Destruction. Retrieved from Atlantic Citylab Web site: